Plan and Program Formulation

NARMA has worked in different areas of plan and program formulation as cited below:

Rural development/local development

Name of the Project : Design of Post Project Support Programme in Bajhang, Bajura and Syangja
Date : May to August 2005
Area : Bajhang, Bajura and Syangja district
Client : CARE Nepal

Short Description
Conducted Participatory impact assessment of Poverty Reduction Project project in Bajhang and Post Project Support programme in Bajura annd Syangja and design of post project support programme using right based and advocacy approach in line with CARE Nepal’s post project support strategy which emphasizes strengthening of partner NGOs and capacity of CBOs for project sustainability.

Name of the Project : District Millennium Development Goal, Progress Report 2005/06
Date : December to June 2006
Area : Bhaktapur, Banke, Kanchanpur, Jhapa and Morang
Client : UNDP

Short Description
Created awareness at the district level to initiate discussions for fostering linkages with the district level development efforts with central periodic plan objectives and ultimately with the MDGs; assesses the district periodic plan (DPP) and suggest necessary revisions in targets and priorities in light of the MDGs; established baseline against which to assess district’s progress in achieving the MDGs and prepared the district MDG Progress Report. This report is jointly published by National Planning Commission of Nepal and United Nation Development Program

Name of the Project : Designing and Preparing Project Implementation Plan (PIP) for Nepal: Peace Building from below project
Date : March-April, 2007
Area : All Nepal
Client : Canadian International Development Agency

Short Description
Prepare implementation plan adapting Result Based Management approach for the project entitled “Nepal: Peace Building from Below” which has two fold objectives- (a) to contribute to the reduction of poverty in rural Nepal and (b) to contribute to national reconciliation following ten years of civil conflict.

Forestry, biodiversity and natural resources management

Name of the Project : Poverty Reduction through Sustainable Management of National Park and Wet Lands in Nepal: Processes, Modalities, Impacts and Identification of areas for Future Support
Date : November 2003 to March 2004
Area : Nov 2003-March 2004
Client : Japan International Cooperative Agency-Nepal

Short Description
Conducted detail review of the legal policy and institutional environment of protected area and wetland management; Identified areas for legal, policies and institutional reform and identified potential areas for Japan Nepal future co-operation on policy and institutional reform; Detail review of all the protected areas of Nepal and 10 wetlands of Nepal Tarai conducted and three priority protected areas and three priority wetlands identified; Conducted a detail field study of priority protected areas and wetlands and identified potential in biodiversity conservation

Name of the Project : Preparation of District Forest Sector Plan – Kanchanpur
Date : July 2007 to June 2008
Area : Kanchanpur
Client : WTLCP/ MFSC

Short Description
Prepare a five year district forestry sector plan of the Kanchanpur district for MOFSC/WTLCP. This plan will be the formal strategic document of the DFO for the development of forestry sector in the district. Extensive use GIS based applications during study methodology. Use of LANDSTAT data purchased from Michigan State University.

Name of the Project : Preparation Annapurna Area Conservation Plan Management Plan 2008-2012
Date : January 2008 to May 2009
Area : Kaski, Lamjung, Manang, Mustang, Myagdi
Client : NTNC

Short Description
Prepare a four year ACAP management plan of the ACAP area for NTMC. This plan will be the formal strategic document of the NTMC for the development of Natural Conservation. Used GIS for generating resource profiles, made maps of the conservation areas with specific details such as infrastructures, land use etc.

Name of the Project : Develop Integrated Landscape Planning Framework and Financial Mechanism for biodiversity conservation in productive and protective area of Terai Arc Landscape
Date : August 2009 to date
Area : TAL area
Client : WTLCP/ MFSC

Short Description
Develop an integrated landscape based planning framework and a sustainable financing mechanism in order to ensure the inter-sectoral planning and coordination in the TAL and cover the concurrent costs of biodiversity conservation both in productive and protected landscape. Generate GIS maps showing the entire landscape complex of WTLCP along with the working districts, protection areas and other different land use systems.

Agriculture and food security

Name of the Project : Preparation of program document of agricultural training and extension improvement project
Date : November 2002 to March 2003
Area : Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa, Nuwakot, Dhading and Makwanpur
Client : Japan International Co-operative Agency-Nepal

Short Description
Prepared the base line situation of its six project districts (ur districts), and elaborated the project concept into detailed programme document

Name of the Project : Agriculture Perspective Plan Status Review and Action Plan Preparation
Date : February 2005 to March 2006
Area : All Nepal
Client : DFID and MOAC/HMG/N

Short Description
Assessed status of APP implementation, identify implementation gaps, suggest improvements in implementation and prepare implementation plan

Name of the Project : Finalizing Formulation of Contemporary National Agriculture Extension Strategy (NAES)
Date : January 2006 to May 2006
Area : All Nepal

Short Description
Revised National Agricultural Extension Strategy formulated earlier by working closely with Task Force Team and submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives for approval

Name of the Project : Development of Policy, Strategy and Implementation Plan for Human Resources Development and Management in the Agricultural Sector in Nepal
Date : August to December 2006
Area : All Nepal
Client : DFID/UK and MoAC

Short Description
Identified existing situation of Human Resource Development (HRD) and Human Resource Management (HRM) in the agricultural sector in Nepal; and developed HRD and HRM policy and strategy for Nepal; Formulated HRD Action Plan for the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC); Capacity of the senior MOAC management officials enhanced in agriculture and donor coordination and Sector Wide approaches

Name of the Project : Programme Formulation Survey for Sindhuli Road Corridor Development
Date : February 2009 to July 2009
Area : Sindhuli, Rammechap, Kavre, Dolkha and Mahottari districts
Client : JICA Nepal

Short Description
Assess present situation and identify potentials and constraints of promoting agricultural commercialization in the Sindhuli road Corridor, and to formulate a possible JICA’s cooperation program. Generated GIS maps showing road networks, agriculture pocket areas etc.

Poverty analysis and livelihoods assessment

Name of the Project : Baseline and Livelihoods Need Assessment Survey in Project’s Sites of
Date : June 2009 to date
Area : Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve and Ghodagholi Lake Complex
Client : Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Wetland/UNDP

Short Description
Conduct baseline and livelihoods need assessment survey together to assess the current status of two demo sites and to explore the current potentials and opportunities for livelihoods for its special target groups