Policy Analysis and Development

NARMA has excellent understanding of natural resources management policies and strategies of Nepal in general and that of the agricultural sector in particular, as a result of its:

a. direct involvement and assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in formulating agricultural sector policies such as Nepal Agriculture Extension Strategy for the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperation and Human Resources Development Strategies for the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Agriculture Perspective Plan (APP) Implementation Action Plan, Food Security Policies and Strategies for incorporation in the current Three Year Interim Plan and

b. in-depth review of different policies and strategies as part of studies and projects in NRM sector like the Preparation of Management Plan for Annapurna Conservation Area, Preparation of District Forest Sector Plan of Kanachapur district, Review of Nepal’s Protected Areas and Wetlands, Review of APP Implementation Status report and preparation of APP implementation action plan, Preparation of the Progress Status of Millennium Development Goal in five districts of Nepal, etc.

Rural Development/Local Development

Name of the Project : Integration of heath component in community development programme in Karnali Local Development Project
Date : March to May 1996
Area : Kalikot
Client : Karnali Local Development Project/SNV-Nepal

Short Description
Assessed general health and sanitation situation of the people in Kalikot district and, using participatory approach and heath care and sanitation needs of rural people identified. This was then followed by the design of strategies, approaches and programmes for integrating heath and sanitation component with the ongoing community development programme in the area.

Name of the Project : Review of Japan’s Official Development Assistance to Nepal: Analysis of Types, Trends and Procedures
Date : January to April 2005
Area : All Nepal
Client : Japan International Cooperation Agency, Nepal

Short Description
Assisted the Foreign Aid Co-ordination Advisor of JICA to review the development assistance of JICA to Nepal and thereby suggested the recommendations

Name of the Project : Study on Current Community Development Projects/Programs
Date : February – March 2007
Area : All Nepal
Client : JICA Nepal

Short Description
Prepared Community development Programs/Projects index and conducted case studies of selected projects, implemented across different sectors such as local development, poverty alleviation, agriculture, forestry, watersheds management etc in recent 5 years

Name of the Project : Revision of Project Implementation Plan of Peace Building from Below Project
Date : June 2008 to February 2009
Area : Sankhuwasabha and Bhojpur districts
Client : RRN/CIDA

Short Description
Revise Project Implementation Plan of the project prepared earlier based on further review of literature, rapid baseline survey and consultations with the stakeholders

Forestry, biodiversity and natural resources management

Name of the Project : Addressing gender and equity concerns in Nepal Denmark Watershed Management Project in Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Dhading districts
Date : January to May 1997
Area : Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Dhading
Client : Nepal Denmark Watershed Management Project/ DANNIDA

Short Description
Analysed of gender and equity concerns of the project, modifyied project strategies, approaches and programmes to make the project gender sensitive and development of required facilitation and training programme.

Agriculture and food security

Name of the Project : Preparation Complaint Redressal Mechanism of Commercial Agriculture Development Project
Date : May 2008 to June 2008
Area :

Short Description
Prepare a complaint redressal mechanism of the CADP project to establish the systems/mechanisms/processes within the CADP which will enable communities to submit complaints and track measures undertaken

Poverty analysis and livelihoods assessment

Name of the Project : Development of Income Generating Package
Date : July 2008 to March 2009
Area : All Nepal

Short Description
Review existing IGA related documents developed by MEDEP and other organizations including government and non-government and Analyze those IGA related documents and prepare a consolidated report; Develop a consolidated IGA package for the use of all interested parties and recommend human resources, procedures and infrastructures required to implement the IGA package