What we do

NARMA provides services of highly qualified staff having extensive consulting services in policy research, strategy formulation and participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development projects related to agriculture, rural development, natural resources. Besides, its researchers have substantial research experience in community forestry, environment management, water resource, gender issues, primary health care, extension, education, management, training and institutional development with focus on rural communities.

Its fields of expertise include preparation of project proposals, strategic documents, project formulation and appraisal, action researches, baseline surveys, impact assessment monitoring and evaluation studies, gender analysis, socio-economic studies and researches, project monitoring, participatory rural appraisal, extension strategies and the transfer of technology, training project evaluation and institutional development, feasibility assessment etc.

NARMA offers an integrated range of services to its clients in the areas of:

· Feasibility studies
· Baseline survey
· Geographical survey and mapping
· Project and program formulation
· Program/project implementation
· Organizational management and institutional development
· Human resource development
· Policy analysis and development
· Natural resources conservation and management
· Agricultural development
· Environmental management
· Gender analysis and development
· Integrated rural development
· Water resource assessment and development
· Knowledge systems analysis
· Monitoring and evaluation
· Impact assessment
· Poverty and livelihood assessment